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Mobile App Testing

To compete successfully in a changing global market, businesses need to deploy their apps across various platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, open source operating systems, and a variety of mobile computing devices such as phones and e-Readers.

We are committed to providing high-quality mobile application testing services that use 100 percent physical device coverage. We offer functional and non-functional testing for all sorts of mobile applications, including web, native, and hybrid. The existence of an optimised mobile test automation method proved beneficial in delivering software to worldwide clients.

HIG Guidelines & Compliance

As a testing firm, we have carved out a niche in mobile testing services, especially testing applications on Android and iOS devices, with coverage centred on the human interface guidelines (HIG) for these platforms.

We also test native, web, and hybrid mobile apps, as well as an optimised mobile test automation method that allows for a single test suite to be run on both the mobile and non-mobile versions of the application.

Our Mobile App Testing Process

Our smart device testing coverage includes smartphones, e-readers, tablets, PDAs, and notebook computers, to name a few main categories. With a plethora of operating system versions ranging from iOS to Android and zillions of devices on the market, mobile application testing may be a daunting task.

We execute mobile app testing with our Agile & DevOps-based methodology, which allows for rapid test case design and deployment. Automation testing, usability testing, and regression testing are all part of the entire mobile testing process.

With these changing devices and underlying technologies, we try to bring in our specialised test and subject expertise to test apps and content on devices. Our frameworks enable us to provide more test coverage for apps created using cutting-edge mobile and web technologies.

Steps Involved in Our Process

Our Mobile App Testing Services Cover

Functional Testing

Verification of mobile app features and capabilities in accordance with the design arrangement in order to demonstrate higher product quality

Performance Testing

Create and perform load tests to determine the mobile application's responsiveness, scalability, readiness, and operational capacity.

Automation Testing

Implementation of an automated method to testing in order to minimise testing time and provide a speedier time-to-market.

API Testing

Active evaluation of application programming interfaces (APIs) along with integration testing to determine how well the mobile app meets requirements.

Usability Testing

For a seamless user experience, our team of testing specialists provides user-friendly UI surrounding essential app functionalities.

Compatibility Testing

Carry out fragmentation testing across various platforms, screen resolutions, form sizes, and so forth.

Security Testing

Authenticate storage problems, data integrity, and server-side security, as well as active detection of security flaws.

Network Testing

Carrying out simulated tests to examine how the app will behave in various network settings such as 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

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A thorough evaluation and analysis of ROI.

Expertise in accurate and consistent outcomes.

A plethora of tools to help speed up the App Testing process.

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