Identify Vulnerabilities and Prevent Breaches Effectively

Security Testing as the Backbone

With the online world becoming increasingly exposed to assaults, security cannot be compromised. Security aspects like integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity must be addressed and validated while developing secure applications. Any application development life cycle must include security testing to verify data leaks, perfect operation, standard compliance, and security vulnerability evaluation.

Maintaining a successful security policy entails a mix of prevention, protection, and proof. Regular, proactive security testing is a best practise, but it may be a daunting task for resource-constrained organisations. We make it simple to obtain the information you want to improve your security posture.

Our Proven Methodology for Security Testing

As a top penetration testing business, we use an effective pen testing approach that entails simulating a cyber assault against a software programme in order to detect system vulnerabilities and provide security fixes.

Threat Models

This is to highlight dangers and threats and divide them into smaller parts.

Test Plan

Preparing a roadmap for security testing methods and resources.

Test Cases

Design security implementation. UI security and the discovery of system flaws

Root Cause Analysis

To enhance project quality by analysing verified problems and determining their root cause.

Vulnerability report

Validate the presence of vulnerabilities and assess their impact on the system.

Security Testing Offered by TestFirst QA

Testing for Web Application Security

Ethical hacking is a type of hacking that is used to identify flaws in the design, architecture, and configuration of web-based systems.

Testing for Mobile Application Security

A security testing procedure that aids in the discovery of potential vulnerabilities capable of allowing external parties to access private data held on mobile devices.

Network SecurityTesting

A sort of ethical hacking method that mimics assaults on your organization's network and systems in order to prevent unwanted network entry.

API Security Testing

API security testing entails evaluating API functionalities to see if they can be hacked or bypassed on the basis of authorisation and authentication.

Compliance Testing

Automated scanning and human security assessments are used to ensure compliance with industry-specific security requirements and to help close compliance gaps.

Cloud Security Testing

Identification of possible security flaws associated with your cloud service, as well as improved repair and defensive capabilities.

Invading Testing

Succeeding in scanning the application for potential vulnerabilities such as open ports and security flaws in order to ensure network safety.

Source Code Review

Perform a manual source code review to discover potential flaws with code readability, accuracy, efficiency, and logical structure, as well as to avoid security breaches. Automated static code analysis for identifying further code problems.

Why Choose Us?


We Recognize and Manage Your Assets

Conduct an infinite number of discovery scans to locate and map organisational assets.

We Use Best Testing Practices

Perform regular scans on existing assets at the frequency specified by your security programme.

We Bring Evidence-Based Knowledge

Test your system’s security in a simulated cyberattack, validate findings, or extend your team with us.

We Employ a Data-Driven Approach

Track trends and report on the success of your business security programme across your company network infrastructure.